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Own an equity stake in the future of dentistry.

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We are a collective of dental innovators and pioneers.

Our groundbreaking approach to implantology transforms our partners' practices — and their patients' lives.


We believe knowledge is the power to do more.

Continuing education is at the core of our partnership model. Through the world-renowned Pikos Institute, we empower dentists with the tools and expertise to provide implantology excellence to their patients.


Building the future of implantolgy, one partnership at a time.

Are you looking to make a bigger difference? We're pioneering innovative new techniques and procedures in implantology. We use best-in-class training and technology to share this knowledge with dentists who want to level up their clinical skills and grow their practice.

What is the future of implantology?

Dr. Michael A. Pikos

Modis Founding Partner

“The future of implantology will be driven by innovation. As technology evolves, we’ll see more advanced procedures become even more efficient, while improving patient comfort and outcomes. That starts with bringing people into our community who share our ambition and our belief that when you never stop learning and developing your skills, the sky is truly the limit.”

Dr. Grant Olson

Modis Partner

“I believe that 10 years from now, we’re going to look back and see that we’ve created the most amazing group of implant dentistry leaders. And the reason I say that with confidence is that when I think about Innovative Dental’s journey, it’s exactly how we started. We had a group of talented, like-minded people who shared a like vision and a passion for making a difference.”





Own an equity stake in the future of dentistry.

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Hear from our partners in their own words.

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