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The Modis Partnership Model

At Modis Dental Partners, our mission is to transform the dental industry by cultivating an extraordinary community of dental partners who are committed to the highest quality of patient care. Bringing together our implant-centric focus, growth-centered support system, premier training institute, collaborative community, and direct partnership approach, we will serve as a catalyst for enhancing growth within our partners’ practices while making positive impacts on patients, one smile at a time.

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Magnifying Glass Icon Implant-Centric Focus

We concentrate on what truly counts and allocate resources accordingly. Thus, our primary emphasis is on investing in implantology. We're confident that skilled, forward-looking practitioners equipped with advanced technology are poised to capitalize on the foundational market shifts fueling growth in our industry.

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Founding Partner Group
Support Network Icon Growth-Centric Support System

Our support system is built to relieve administrative burdens within practices, but more significantly, it centers around a specialized playbook aimed at bringing implant patients into the office. Through training, cutting-edge technology and client focused strategy around marketing, and patient financing, our focus is to ensure an influx of patients to your practice.

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A Powerful Partnership

Our support structure is designed to bring out the best in a practice, retaining unique local identity while benefitting from the collective strength of our experts and network of best practices.

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Built Around Local Autonomy

Your practice retains full autonomy, meaning you can continue to make important decisions that align with your vision and local community. We respect the individuality of each dental practice, understanding that your unique approach plays a significant role in delivering exceptional patient care.

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Powered By Targeted Playbook And Expert

Our team of experts provides comprehensive support services and a playbook to drive implant patients to your office. Our playbook focuses on advanced training, investing in the best and most useful technology and deploying client-centered marketing strategies. By centralizing these vital functions and directing resources strategically, we can help streamline your operations, granting you and your team more time to prioritize exceptional patient care.

Teamwork Icon Partner Community

We are cultivating a community of growth-oriented, outstanding practitioners. When you join our platform, our partners become your partners. Within our community, partners evolve alongside accomplished peers and industry experts, reaping rewards from each other's achievements. This environment promotes the exchange of knowledge, valuable insights, and a collective enhancement of skills and patient care.

Coastal Jaw Surgery Logo
Coastal Jaw Surgery Logo
Pikos Institute Logo
Books Icon World-Class Training Institute

At the heart of our growth strategy lie training and technology. Our partners enjoy exceptional access to the esteemed Pikos Institute, a founding partner of MODIS, renowned for its role in advancing implant dentistry skills. This institute's curriculum has nurtured the development of over 6,000 practitioners, combining advanced education with cutting-edge technology.

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Pikos Institute Training Image #2
Pikos Institute Training Image #3
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Businessman Icon Direct Partnership Approach

As supported by our financing partner, the equity partnership model we utilize has successfully generated wealth for partners across many industries, and repetitively in the dental world. This model is characterized by fairness, transparency, and equity, with tangible outcomes to attest to its effectiveness.

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"As a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with multi-specialty practices, educator and founder of a world-renowned teaching institute, and deep-rooted connections in the community, I contemplated extensively about the ideal partner who would safeguard and carry forward my legacy. The moment I encountered the MODIS team, it became unmistakably evident that our visions were in perfect sync, and our values harmoniously aligned. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, patient-centered approach, and vast resources are going to be instrumental in elevating my practices and institute to another level. Through our partnership with MODIS, my team and I are able to prioritize exceptional patient care while also preserving our unique identity in the community. This collaboration has been truly remarkable. Their synergetic spirit and visionary leadership have made them an invaluable partner in our journey towards even greater success. I truly believe that together, we are shaping the future of dental healthcare, one smile at a time."

Dr. Michael A. Pikos

Founder of the Pikos Institute, CEO and founder Coastal Jaw Surgery and Modis Partner

Modis Team Members:

Image of Perry Baker
Image of Perry Baker

Pete Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Pete is a veteran leader and CEO of MODIS Dental Partners.  His focus at MODIS is leading the growth of our company.  Before joining MODIS, Pete was Chief Sales Officer at National Veterinary Associates and responsible for leading all aspects of lead generation resulting in 245 acquisitions.  Previously he led teams in healthcare, manufacturing, and US Army special operations. Pete’s a Graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point London Business School MBA.