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It’s more than a succession plan.
It’s a blueprint for success.

The joint venture equity partnership model we use has generated wealth for partners across many industries, with repeated success in the dental world. It’s designed to accelerate growth and create value faster than you might on your own.

Free yourself to flourish.
Position yourself to profit.

You worked hard to build your practice. Are you ready to reap the rewards? Unleash your equity while maintaining your independence and clinical autonomy. We’re not here to tell you how to run your practice. We’re here to support you and share in one another’s success.

Be a smoother operator.

We help you unlock efficiency for your team by streamlining operational functions like payroll, procurement, recruiting, and marketing. We even help you build and promote your brand to attract new implant patients.

The right fit is the first step.

We aren’t the right fit for everyone, and vice versa. But it all starts with an open, transparent conversation about your goals, plans and long-term vision for your practice.

The right fit is the first step.

Connect: Schedule a 1-on-1 introductory meeting with our partnership team.

Engage: Our partnership team will walk you through our partner evaluation process step by step, taking the time to understand your goals and ambitions.

Partner: If we mutually determine we’re a good fit for one other, we commit to an honest valuation and direct process.

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