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Modis Dental Partners

Thurston Group launches MODIS dental partners with dental pioneer Dr Michael A Pikos

By Sarah Alofs

NEWS PROVIDED BY Thurston Group, September 29th, 2023, 12:41 ET

Chicago, IL – Thurston Group, a leading private investment company with a proven track record in the dental service organization (DSO) sector, announced today the launch of Modis Dental Partners, a new platform focused on implant-oriented dental practices and growth through education and technology. Modis will capitalize on the growing patient demand for dental implants and partner with Dr. Michael A. Pikos and the Pikos Institute, a leading dental education center, to drive the next phase of dental partnership evolution.

Thurston Group has a history of pioneering trends in dental partnerships, with successful first mover initiatives such as Smile Doctors, US Oral Surgery Management, and US Endodontics Partners. Modis will build upon this track record by addressing the need for hands-on education and technology in general practice (GP) implant professionals.

Patrick J. Haynes, III, Chairman and founder of Thurston Group, said that “Thurston Group is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the dental industry, and the launch of Modis is a testament to that. We believe that our partnership with the Pikos Institute will set a new standard in implantology education and technology, and we are excited to build on our successful track record with Modis.”

Daniel F. Davis, Managing Director of Thurston Group, added “we are thrilled to launch Modis and partner with Dr. Pikos and his team to provide a unique platform for implant professionals. Our time-tested operational and M&A playbook, combined with our expertise building dental partnerships, will help drive practice growth and success.”

Pete Wong, CEO of Modis, stated, “our goal is to provide implant professionals with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dental industry. Modis will offer world-class, hands-on education and support services, all of which will allow our partner practices to expand their capabilities and provide better care to their patients.”

Dr. Michael A. Pikos, founder of the Pikos Institute and Coastal Jaw Surgery, said that “our partnership with Modis will enable us to further our mission of advancing the craft, technology, and education of dental implantology. We are excited to work with Modis to provide comprehensive implantology education and technology to dental implant professionals.”

Modis represents the next chapter in the Thurston Group’s successful history of dental partnership innovation. The company is poised to set a new standard in implantology education and technology, providing value to its partners and patients alike.

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